Friday, September 27, 2013

Who Let the Bees Out?

Doug, "A Stranger", Luke, Lauren and Amy
- "making a scary face with a stranger"
I don’t think any of us expected to be searching for “something fishy,” a job application, a receipt for 58 cents of gas, or needing to ask strangers to walk their dogs when we woke up on Wednesday morning. But come 3:15pm, we were searching for those things, and much more!  

We broke into teams, “The Spicy, Smokin’, Kickin’, Sizzlin’ Bees,” (inspired by appointed fancy elastic bracelets), “The Pink Flamingos”, (inspired by appointed blowup pink flamingos), and “The Ponchos”, (inspired by extremely fashionable ponchos).  We headed out on an adventure that combined creative team challenges, a hunt for hilarious photos and a scavenger hunt for some “interesting” items.   

We had almost 2 hours to complete the tasks at hand. Everyone had 10 challenges, which ranged from looking for particular items in the sand, to a game of charades, to every team member being spun 10-35 times in a tire swing, to making a successful collect call to one’s mom.  Meanwhile, we all had two pages worth of photo opportunities to capture with a team member.  Some of these photo opportunities included a team member in the lake up to their knees, on a tractor or construction equipment, a team member in a boat, in front of a yoga studio, at a baseball diamond, with a garden gnome, etc. We also had to gather a page worth of items, such as “something twisted”, a banana sticker, a passport application, and the list goes on.  

After dozens of photos, a lot of laughs, and some really weird items, we headed back to the office to learn that The Pink Flamingos came in first place! 

Everyone at Ricardo's Mediterranean Kitchen!
Needless to say, after running/driving/spinning all around Lake Country, we were all starving afterwards.  The entire team went for a delicious meal at Ricardo’s Mediterranean Kitchen, where they wowed us with their amazing food.  Probably our best “hump day” yet!  

We had a blast and would highly recommend Funvelopes a local company, to anyone in the Okanagan looking for a fun team building event!
Check out our Facebook page to see more photos from the event!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

APSCU Annual Convention & Exposition - One Week Away!

With the 2013 APSCU Annual Convention and Exposition just around the corner, we are getting excited for what’s in store for us!  This year’s convention is located in Orlando, Florida at the Rosen Shingle Creek’s Convention Center.  The convention, themed “Opportunity for All”, goes from Wednesday, June 5th, to Friday, June 7th.
If you haven’t already scheduled a meeting with us, feel free to reach out prior to June 5th, or stop by booth 509 to say "Hello"!
Looking forward to seeing everyone in Orlando!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday from all of us at!
Just a reminder that our office will be closed Monday, May 20th, for Victoria Day long weekend.  I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Adding to Our Team!

Miranda, Siona and Laura
 Members of this team!
It’s official, we are expanding again!  We are currently searching for an Online Marketing Project Assistant to add to our already amazing team.

If you are a detailed oriented individual, who thrives on methodical processes, thinks logically, loves working on computers and has an inner geek dying to get out, you might be the perfect fit!

As an Online Marketing Project Assistant, you will help us update our portal web sites, update our user friendly database, help keep records of all projects and help out with general office duties.
If you think you would be a good fit, please read more about this position and apply today! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Success at the NACC Conference!

Our booth
Every year the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) pairs up with one of the provinces to host an annual conference for schools around Canada. This year they paired up with the BC Career College Association (BCCCA) to host the conference in Vancouver, BC.
Needless to say, attended, and was a proud gold sponsor of the annual conference last week
View at the Vancouver Convention Centre
.  Not only were we lucky enough to have blue skies and sunshine the whole trip, but the actual conference was awesome.  The NACC and BCCCA did a great job this year with the conference–everything from the conference events to the beautiful conference location (it was at the Vancouver Convention Centre, right on the ocean) to the speakers and the food.
We really enjoyed ourselves at the conference and it was great getting to chat with a lot of our current schools that we don’t get to see often!  We were able to chat with Automotive Training Centre, Algonquin Careers Academy, Brighton College, Canadian Tourism College, Centre for Arts and Technology, Robertson College, Westervelt College, Oulton College, Sprott Shaw College, Stenberg College, triOS College, and Vancouver Career College, just to list a few.  We were also able to meet a lot of new faces and connect with some schools we aren’t currently working with.
View at the hotel. The Vancouver
Convention Centre is the building
 with the grass roof.
We are already looking forward to next year in Ottawa, Ontario.  

Thanks to everyone who made it a success! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Compost bin on our recycled glass counter
(Bag made out of compostable cornstarch!)
To celebrate Earth Day, we thought we would share one of the many ways we try to minimize our ecological footprint and help the environment. 
Since approximately 2006,, has been composting everything from coffee grounds to fruit peels/cores/seeds to leftover vegetables, etc.  In fact, when we did the math, we realized that we have composted almost 3500 gallons! (That means we’ve saved almost 3500 gallons of garbage!)  Our entire office goes through less than one small kitchen bag of garbage a week, but produces at least 10 gallons of compost a week!
In addition to our in-office compost program, we encourage staff to compost at home, and
Compost - Finished Product!
bring it in to add to our compost. (For those who don’t have compost piles at home or perhaps live in an apartment). We have a freezer dedicated to compost that any employees can add to, which gets emptied sometimes multiple times a week.
Thanks to everyone here for participating and giving back to our environment!

Monday, April 8, 2013

It’s a… Job Opening at!

Jen, one of our amazing copywriters, is going to be going on maternity leave soon, and we are looking for a talented writer to help us out (in-office) while she is gone. If you are a word whizz, have exceptional attention to detail and are generally a delightful person, (or know someone who is!) we would love to hear from you! For the right person, this could turn into a permanent position with us.
Check out our Careers page to learn more about the position and how to apply!

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Fresh Approach to Healthy Living at

As one part of our health initiatives, we have a bin of delicious, fresh organic fruit delivered to our office by Urban Harvest every weekWe have done this for almost 4 years as a healthy pick-me-up for our team. 
Urban Harvest is a local, Kelowna-based company dedicated to delivering high-quality, delicious, organic produce right to people’s doorstep.  Urban Harvest supplies as much local, in-season produce as possible and makes it easy and affordable for homes and businesses to access local and organic foods.  Working closely with local farmers not only helps the Okanagan farmers, but it ensures people are eating the freshest produce around.  If Urban Harvest has extra produce that wasn’t sold, they donate it to the Kelowna Food Bank every week or compost produce that’s no longer edible. All around a great company! 
Other health and fitness initiatives that we offer to help our team stay fresh and healthy include a full onsite gym, a personal trainer that comes to the office twice a week, and daily, paid fitness breaks to get people up and moving. We also have personal days that we encourage our team to use for appointments, fitness, and anything that supports pro-active health. Some people have used it to run marathons, go snowboarding or skiing, etc. 
Have a healthy weekend!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Startup Weekend Okanagan - Chef Shuffle

Huge congratulations to Maizal, our Web Applications Developer, who recently won “Biggest Social Impact” with his team at the Startup Weekend Finale in Kelowna, BC! Rumour has it Maizal and his team will be sporting new shirts that say, “Empowerific Social Awareness”. 

Maizal recently participated in Startup Weekend Okanagan. Startup Weekend Okanagan is part of the non-profit global network, Startup Weekend, that consists of entrepreneurs, leaders and individuals meeting together to develop, promote and pitch new business ideas or products.  In approximately 54 hours, programmers, developers, marketers, managers, etc. meet together in teams and work to develop a business startup idea.

The concept that won, “Biggest Social Impact”, of the weekend was Maizal and his team’s business idea, Chef Shuffle.  According to Chef Shuffle’s Facebook page,  their concept and vision is “…to build a community that shares fresh, home-cooked meals with each other. Food is love, and we love food!”.  

I asked Maizal a few questions to give us an insider’s perspective! Can you give me a bit of a background on the Startup Weekend?

Maizal: The Okanagan Startup Weekend started here in Kelowna last year and basically it brings together people who are interested in learning about creating startups who may only be specialized in a few areas of a business i.e. management, finance, marketing, design or development. It’s a great opportunity to meet passionate people with expertise in different business areas where the strengths of each member is used in the creation of a startup. I heard about last year’s event very late to be a participant, but I was very intrigued by it and I did attend the final presentations to see which start-ups were built over the weekend. The atmosphere and energy around the teams was amazing and the things they had built over a weekend was incredible. To think that they had spent the previous 54 hours working and still had the enthusiasm to present to local entrepreneurs and investors. What made you decide to participate in this event? 

Maizal: I wanted to be a part of the energy created in a startup and I wanted to make a contribution. I was curious about what was involved in the process of building a startup and I wanted to meet like-minded individuals who had the conviction and drive to make things happen. And I wanted to learn and experience it firsthand. Can you give us a brief description of Chef Shuffle? 

Maizal: Chef Shuffle is a framework that enables the sharing of meals with friends in exchange for credits which can then be used on other days for a fresh home-cooked meal when you are too busy with life to prepare a meal. I have kids and my wife and I are busy most nights of the week with activities; we do cook but love the idea of taking a few days off by simply making extra portions on the days we do cook and sharing those portions with our friends. The Chef Shuffle platform will facilitate the meal planning, sharing of meals with friends, credit exchange and the gathering of feedback on the meals. We as a team plan to build community through the sharing of meals and the cultural aspects that come along with that. You can see one of the reasons why we won the social impact award. Do you or any of your team members plan to pursue this idea?

Maizal: A few of the members have expressed interest and are keen on keeping the energy from the weekend going. We are currently gathering feedback and validating the idea. We are also testing a concierge MVP (minimum viable product) with friends and family using shared Google calendars and business cards for credits and a private Facebook group for feedback. A few chef shuffles have happened already and we have had positive feedback. We have been continuously integrating comments and observations into the system even going back to when the startup was just an idea. The Okanagan Startup weekend teams are meeting again on April 4th for a re-group session where we will have a debrief and I imagine we will find out more about how we would want to proceed. What was the most rewarding part of the weekend?

Maizal: I think the most rewarding part was meeting new people from within the community who were willing to be helpful and willing to share their knowledge. And having the privilege of working on a team with special individuals who were passionate about what they did. We even got to meet local mentors from the community who took the time out of their weekends to coach us and guide us through the weekend. Anything else you want to add?

Maizal: Just wanted to thank the organizers, mentors, coaches, participants, sponsors, volunteers, judges and anyone else involved for putting on such a great weekend. It was a blast and the journey was amazing. I would encourage everyone to participate at some level.

Thanks Maizal and huge congratulations!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Five Years at!

We are celebrating one of our talented copywriters' 5th year anniversary with!  As of last week, Jessie, who we like to call our “writing ninja”, has officially been working at for five years!

Jessie came to us  five years ago, with a background in journalism, and awed us with her amazing writing skills - hence the nickname, “writing ninja”.  She has since added to our site immensely, including our education blog.

We had the pleasure of seeing Jessie every day for a couple of years while she lived in Kelowna, B.C., but a few years ago she returned to her roots in Ottawa, Ontario, and has worked from her home in Ontario since. Lucky for us we still get to see her at least once a year for a staff trip or holiday party! 

Besides having mad writing skills, Jessie is a bit of a horse whisperer.  Not only does she coach, ride and compete, she also trains the horses herself.

We are VERY thankful to have Jessie on our team.  Here’s to another five!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome to the Official Blog!

Welcome to the official blog!
Welcome to the official blog! We are excited for the opportunity to share more about us and life at We hope that you enjoy our upcoming posts and feel free to share, “like” and comment.

For those that don’t know a lot about us: we are a search marketing company, located in Lake Country, BC, Canada. We work mostly with private, post-secondary schools (approximately 1500 campuses throughout North America!) to connect them with potential students who are actively searching for education online. We specialize in generating genuine inquiries through organic search - all on sites that are owned and operated in-house. Two of our sites are and  We have been working in the education sector, sending exclusive leads since 2001, and have been specializing in SEO since 1999.

Thanks for joining us and please stay tuned for future posts!