Friday, April 5, 2013

A Fresh Approach to Healthy Living at

As one part of our health initiatives, we have a bin of delicious, fresh organic fruit delivered to our office by Urban Harvest every weekWe have done this for almost 4 years as a healthy pick-me-up for our team. 
Urban Harvest is a local, Kelowna-based company dedicated to delivering high-quality, delicious, organic produce right to people’s doorstep.  Urban Harvest supplies as much local, in-season produce as possible and makes it easy and affordable for homes and businesses to access local and organic foods.  Working closely with local farmers not only helps the Okanagan farmers, but it ensures people are eating the freshest produce around.  If Urban Harvest has extra produce that wasn’t sold, they donate it to the Kelowna Food Bank every week or compost produce that’s no longer edible. All around a great company! 
Other health and fitness initiatives that we offer to help our team stay fresh and healthy include a full onsite gym, a personal trainer that comes to the office twice a week, and daily, paid fitness breaks to get people up and moving. We also have personal days that we encourage our team to use for appointments, fitness, and anything that supports pro-active health. Some people have used it to run marathons, go snowboarding or skiing, etc. 
Have a healthy weekend!

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