Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Compost bin on our recycled glass counter
(Bag made out of compostable cornstarch!)
To celebrate Earth Day, we thought we would share one of the many ways we try to minimize our ecological footprint and help the environment. 
Since approximately 2006,, has been composting everything from coffee grounds to fruit peels/cores/seeds to leftover vegetables, etc.  In fact, when we did the math, we realized that we have composted almost 3500 gallons! (That means we’ve saved almost 3500 gallons of garbage!)  Our entire office goes through less than one small kitchen bag of garbage a week, but produces at least 10 gallons of compost a week!
In addition to our in-office compost program, we encourage staff to compost at home, and
Compost - Finished Product!
bring it in to add to our compost. (For those who don’t have compost piles at home or perhaps live in an apartment). We have a freezer dedicated to compost that any employees can add to, which gets emptied sometimes multiple times a week.
Thanks to everyone here for participating and giving back to our environment!

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