Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Success at the NACC Conference!

Our booth
Every year the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) pairs up with one of the provinces to host an annual conference for schools around Canada. This year they paired up with the BC Career College Association (BCCCA) to host the conference in Vancouver, BC.
Needless to say, attended, and was a proud gold sponsor of the annual conference last week
View at the Vancouver Convention Centre
.  Not only were we lucky enough to have blue skies and sunshine the whole trip, but the actual conference was awesome.  The NACC and BCCCA did a great job this year with the conference–everything from the conference events to the beautiful conference location (it was at the Vancouver Convention Centre, right on the ocean) to the speakers and the food.
We really enjoyed ourselves at the conference and it was great getting to chat with a lot of our current schools that we don’t get to see often!  We were able to chat with Automotive Training Centre, Algonquin Careers Academy, Brighton College, Canadian Tourism College, Centre for Arts and Technology, Robertson College, Westervelt College, Oulton College, Sprott Shaw College, Stenberg College, triOS College, and Vancouver Career College, just to list a few.  We were also able to meet a lot of new faces and connect with some schools we aren’t currently working with.
View at the hotel. The Vancouver
Convention Centre is the building
 with the grass roof.
We are already looking forward to next year in Ottawa, Ontario.  

Thanks to everyone who made it a success! 

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