Friday, September 27, 2013

Who Let the Bees Out?

Doug, "A Stranger", Luke, Lauren and Amy
- "making a scary face with a stranger"
I don’t think any of us expected to be searching for “something fishy,” a job application, a receipt for 58 cents of gas, or needing to ask strangers to walk their dogs when we woke up on Wednesday morning. But come 3:15pm, we were searching for those things, and much more!  

We broke into teams, “The Spicy, Smokin’, Kickin’, Sizzlin’ Bees,” (inspired by appointed fancy elastic bracelets), “The Pink Flamingos”, (inspired by appointed blowup pink flamingos), and “The Ponchos”, (inspired by extremely fashionable ponchos).  We headed out on an adventure that combined creative team challenges, a hunt for hilarious photos and a scavenger hunt for some “interesting” items.   

We had almost 2 hours to complete the tasks at hand. Everyone had 10 challenges, which ranged from looking for particular items in the sand, to a game of charades, to every team member being spun 10-35 times in a tire swing, to making a successful collect call to one’s mom.  Meanwhile, we all had two pages worth of photo opportunities to capture with a team member.  Some of these photo opportunities included a team member in the lake up to their knees, on a tractor or construction equipment, a team member in a boat, in front of a yoga studio, at a baseball diamond, with a garden gnome, etc. We also had to gather a page worth of items, such as “something twisted”, a banana sticker, a passport application, and the list goes on.  

After dozens of photos, a lot of laughs, and some really weird items, we headed back to the office to learn that The Pink Flamingos came in first place! 

Everyone at Ricardo's Mediterranean Kitchen!
Needless to say, after running/driving/spinning all around Lake Country, we were all starving afterwards.  The entire team went for a delicious meal at Ricardo’s Mediterranean Kitchen, where they wowed us with their amazing food.  Probably our best “hump day” yet!  

We had a blast and would highly recommend Funvelopes a local company, to anyone in the Okanagan looking for a fun team building event!
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