Thursday, October 15, 2015

Happy Autumn!

For most individuals autumn means shorter days, less daylight and less energy, which we, at Beelineweb, are trying to avoid!

Inspired by Sweden, and their widely tested short workdays, we have decided that for the months of October and November, we are switching to a 7 hour work day - but keeping the salary as though we are here for 8 hours. Our new office hours for October and November will be 8am PST to 3pm PST (still including our 30 minute paid fitness break and lunch break in those 7 hours too!). This will hopefully result in more work/life balance, and more daylight to enjoy the things that really matter.  Our goal is happier, healthier, better rested individuals, resulting in increased energy, productivity and efficiency for the hours spent in the office.

Happy Autumn Everyone! 

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