Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Call to Action Conference 2016

Last week a couple of us at Beelineweb had the pleasure of attending Unbounce’s Annual Call to Action Conference in Vancouver, B.C.

The conference hosted 1000+ digital marketers in two jam-packed days! The sessions covered topics such as content marketing, analytics, email marketing, conversion optimization, copywriting, PPC, psychology behind marketing, etc.  Top marketers from around the world came to share current marketing trends, case studies and their knowledge. 

Some highlights included:

Rank Fishkin, “The Wizard of Moz”, from MOZ presented on The Measure of a Marketer’s Worth, which highlighted finding the right marketing processes and measuring the right metrics to track the work and not just progress. 

Oli Gardner, The Co-Founder of Unbounce, presented on The Conversion Equation, which looked into all of the factors on a landing page that help the conversion.  He gave examples of distraction, expectation, readability, visual ID, immediacy, specificity and hyperbole in an entertaining presentation, which highlighted what to do and what not to do. 

Some other speakers we had the pleasure of listening to were Amy Harrison, who’s the Founder of Harrisonamy Copywriting, Annie Cushing, who’s the Founder of Annielytics, Anum Hussain, who’s the Senior Growth Marketer of HubSpot, Cara Harshman, who’s the Content Marketing Manager from Optimizely, among many others!

Not only was it a great conference, with a ton of actionable information, but we completely lucked out and had pure sunshine in Vancouver! Here are a few more photos from the trip!  

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