Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Okanagan Rail Trail Project!

Photo Cred: Wade McGaghey

When you know something amazing is on the horizon, it's hard to wait. So with the development of the Okanagan Rail Trail underway, we wanted to do our part to help ensure it gets completed sooner rather than later. is now one of many community members to help fund construction of the trail. Our donation will support the development of a 10-metre section, and we couldn't be more excited to be part of the incredible effort by our communities to make it all happen.

After all, when a generous individual like George Galbraith, a Vernon resident, donates $150,000 to the cause and matches additional donations up to that same amount, it's easy to get into the spirit. Several generations of Okanagan residents have already helped make this valley special. Now we get to help add to their legacy.

Once the nearly 50-kilometre trail is completed, people of every age will be able to safely walk, run, or bike along a mostly level path from Kelowna to Vernon. It will be a major amenity for our communities, providing great benefits such as:

  • Support for active and healthy lifestyles
  • Free fun for families
  • Easy access to more than 24 kilometres of natural areas, including lakes and creeks
  • Easy access to several parks and points of cultural interest

Want to Make Your Own Donation?

The Okanagan Rail Trail project still needs more funding for its final stage. With your help, this project will move a little closer to completion. Then, we can all benefit from one of the most extraordinary amenities our valley has ever had. Make a donation online and receive a charitable tax receipt!

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